Politics is a blood sport – or so I’m told.

This conjures up images of entitled, barbaric individuals on horseback chasing their prey with the sole purpose of tearing it limb from limb.

Is this really the type of politics the people of Dumbarton and the Vale want or deserve? Really?

I think back to the last West Dunbartonshire Council meeting, which on reflection was more pantomime than the serious business of taking decisions that will benefit the people of our area.

We had Labour raising the important issue of the ‘second tranche’ of the equal pay dispute created under their administration.

The legal time bar set for all claims to be submitted passed on March of this year.

Did they write to all employees affected, ensuring they were aware of their right to submit a claim?

No, they didn’t.

Did they instruct payroll to place a note on the payslips of those affected reminding the women and some men of their right to submit a claim?

No, they didn’t.

They waited until the legal time bar passed and then raised it in the chamber at a time where little could be legally done to rectify their negligence.

Folk would be forgiven for thinking this was an intentional action taken by Labour in order to achieve cheap headlines rather than addressing an important issue affecting many employees.

This was further evidenced by their playground behaviour and mad-dog antics displayed by some on the Labour bench.

This is a crass attempt by Labour in absolving themselves from any responsibility.

Their failure to address this issue while in administration is a typical example of how Labour at all levels of government view the people of Scotland, as they’d rather shout “SNP bad” than address the issues that detrimentally impact on the people of West Dunbartonshire.

Perhaps it’s time we ceased the childish antics, and focused on the important issues our area faces.

Perhaps it’s time to put our energies into tackling unemployment, reducing the need for foodbanks, and addressing child poverty, as well as the many other issues needing attention.

I know the SNP group would rather use our energy and time in improving our area.

The opposition?

I’m yet to be convinced...