It’s hard to believe we are already approaching four months since the council elections, which I’m sure no one can deny showed a change in voting from previous years.

As a new member of West Dunbartonshire Council, the experience so far has been fantastic. But the training and bedding in period is now over, and I’m now getting down to work to do my best for the area.

In my first few months I have been visiting community councils, groups and businesses to get a deeper understanding of the thoughts and concerns within the community.

One of the best things we can do for our area is work together to create a better outcome for everyone, leaving national debates at the door.

Now that the summer holidays are over and schools are back, the roads are particularly busy at peak times. I would advise if people don’t need to drive at peak times to try to avoid them.

Not only does it ease traffic pressure, but in doing so it helps make the roads safer, something which is hugely important.

Like most of you reading, I was shocked by the news of the recent school bus crash.

News of any accident is unpleasant, but all the more so when it involves a bus full of school kids.

I hope the cause is determined to help prevent such accidents occurring in the future and that all the individuals involved make a speedy and full recovery.

On a happier note, it was great to see the progress being made with the new council offices being built within the centre of the town.

This will provide a fantastic boost to the town centre and the businesses within it by serving the many hundreds of staff who will now have easy access to the centre of the town.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me in the Dumbarton ward in May.

I am here to work hard for the area as a local person.

I welcome people contacting me with any concerns or issues you have, regardless of party politics.