It seems that SNP members are not the only ones who are proud of the latest local and national SNP achievements.

Some of these successes have been so popular with Labour politicians that they have claimed them as their own!

The fracking ban, period poverty, and the campaign against the disastrous Universal Credit have all been shamelessly hijacked by Labour, who have tried to pass them off as their own.

Still, it makes a refreshing change from them carping ‘SNP bad’; but when are they going to start holding the Tory government in Westminster to account?

These days they are more likely to be found holding hands with them.

Meanwhile, your SNP councillors are getting on with the day job.

Our new strategic plan for West Dunbartonshire, which was supported unanimously at the last council meeting, is our pledge to every citizen and business that we are committed to making West Dunbartonshire flourish.

Our top priorities include building a strong local economy with improved job opportunities for all.

West Dunbartonshire is ideally placed, both geographically and strategically, to live and work; surrounded by beautiful countryside, but with good amenities and travel links to Scotland’s largest city.

We are committed to supporting people and families too. Our new house building programme will deliver at least 1,000 new homes that are adaptable and accessible to meet the changing needs of our population, and we are committed to giving each child the best possible start in life through early learning, childcare, and education.

And we will do all this while ensuring that money is spent as wisely as possible.

West Dunbartonshire’s Labour councillors have once again publicly displayed their “spend now, worry about it later” attitude towards public finances, with their assertion that nearly half a million pounds can be produced from thin air to refurbish an office that is no longer fit for purpose.

“It won’t appear in this year’s figures”, they argued, not caring that vital services or facilities in other areas would have to be cut to fund this.

Labour’s Anas Sarwar has even proposed that “wealth should be taken from the many and given to the few”. One cannot help but wonder as to Jackie Baillie’s judgement and motives (she is a vocal supporter of Anas Sarwar).

West Dunbartonshire is primed to be the rising star of Scottish local authorities, and under the SNP it will be the place to live and work – for everyone, not just the few. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.