Development needed in Dumbarton: The previous Exxon site near Bowling has long been the topic of discussion for development.

With access gained, surveys undertaken and the potential of the site disclosed, there is now debate as to the environmental condition of the site.

This of course is publicly currently unknown to what extent, however there are numerous ways in which the land can be cleaned and sealed from potential toxic remains.

The top priority for any decision to be made is legality and human safety.

That said, it doesn’t mean a full excavation of the site is necessary, this would prove far too costly meaning the project is not financially viable and the land will be likely to remain as is.

Would part excavation and then sealing the site prior to development not be a safe, legal and more cost efficient way to proceed to allow this development to create more jobs in West Dunbartonshire while cleaning and developing the site at the same time?

A82 traffic infrastructure: Many of you will share the same frustrations as myself over the past week or so with the congestion caused through Dumbarton and surrounding areas.

With more houses being built in and around Dumbarton it’s easy to see this problem only getting worse as time goes on.

It is time that serious consideration was given to looking at improving the infrastructure in and around Dumbarton to cope with the increasing level of traffic.

I, along with my colleagues are very strong supporters of the Vale of Leven Hospital and seeing emergency services struggle to get to the hospital, or in fact pass it completely to go straight to RAH in Paisley seems complete madness which is potentially putting lives at risk.

Last week I met with Conservative colleagues Councillor Sally Page, Miles Briggs MSP and Maurice Corry MSP to discuss these issues, which I believe are hugely important for the health and wellbeing of the people in Dumbarton.