Last week I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak in the Scottish Parliament in a debate surrounding air quality across Scotland.

We see in West Dunbartonshire where many of our communities are built up that air pollution levels remain frustratingly high and many journeys are still taken by car.

That is why I used my speech to call for air monitors to be rolled out across every school. Astonishingly only 10 were available on loan last year, of which half were broken.

We have a duty to protect our children from the dangers of high-level pollution and that is why the environment committee recommended regulations surrounding monitors must be urgently reviewed.

I also believe in this region we need to do more to promote electric cars. Across Scotland we have seen the electric car vehicle loan scheme used only 500 times in the last year and cars, HGVs and vans continue to account for over two thirds of our emissions.

We must do more to promote electric car charging points in order to encourage more people to take up owning these vehicles.

We have seen some extreme weather over the course of this year which has only worsened the situation on our roads, already a major source of complaint for my constituents.

While finance secretary Derek Mackay has at least recognised our roads need a cash injection, £10 million across the 32 local authorities in Scotland is a mere drop in the ocean and will leave local authorities scrambling around for enough money to repair potholes.

It is high time that both the SNP government and the SNP-run West Dunbartonshire Council recognised that our roads simply are not up to scratch and focused more of their budget towards repairing them.

We want to attract visitors and people to live and work in this region, but if our roads are not up to scratch, then they are going to be put off.