DUMBARTON FC’s fans group the Sonstrust held talks with the owners of the football club this week.

The club’s has proposed plans which would see it move from Castle Road to Young’s Farm to the west of Dumbarton.

The new site would still contain a 3,000 seat stadium with an extra 1,000 terracing and includes a residential development of up to 200 houses.

The trust board members held talks with representatives of Brabco along with club chairman Alan Jardine before Saturday’s game against Ayr.

And Simon Barrow, the trust’s communications and projects officer, said talks were positive, and outlined their position to the owners.

He said: “Members of our trust board had a positive and forthright meeting with representatives of Brabco, the majority shareholders in Dumbarton FC, along with the club chairman, before the game against Ayr on Saturday.

“We outlined supporters’ issues about the stadium proposals, particularly in relation to their financial sustainability for the club.

“We are asking for direct engagement in the development process, for independent scrutiny of business modelling, for Brabco to end its offshore ownership arrangement, and for transparency on issues which are not covered by reasonable commercial confidentiality.

“We would like to see the club hold an Annual General Meeting, which it has not done for a number of years, so that the trust and other shareholders can ask appropriate questions about the stadium proposals and related concerns.

“We also want to see more use made of local commercial and community knowledge, which we, among others, can help provide.

“These practical steps got a fair hearing. For us they amount to confidence-building measures which we believe will create the kind of trust needed to take the right decisions about Dumbarton FC’s future.

“We also stressed at the meeting that we appreciate the role and work of our club chairman, who is independent of the developers and owners, and is involved in the day-to-day running of the club and its finances.

“Overall, the trust is working hard to seek good communication and agreement between supporters, the club and the owners. We therefore see this meeting as an important step forward, and look for more consultation soon.

“It is crucial for us that, whether the club moves ground or stays on the present site, its future is secured.

“We will be making our own proposals on how to strengthen the club and its public profile as discussions advance, ahead of a submission for outline planning permission for a new stadium.”

Simon Barrow also talked through the plans at last week’s Dumbarton East and Central community council last Tuesday.

Members in attendance highlighted the clear change in plans since the last meeting, dropping all the commercial side of the deal, with the housing, community football pitches and the stadium remaining.

Dumbarton FC has not responded the the Reporter’s calls for comment.