Dumbarton manager Stevie Aitken said “the matter is closed and we’ll move on” after Stuart Carswell and Mark Docherty had a “coming together” on Saturday.

In the 27th minute of the Sons’ 5-1 defeat to Dunfermline, Docherty and Stuart Carswell appeared to square up to each other in the aftermath of the Pars going 2-0 up.

Carswell was substituted after with blood streaming from his nose, with it being widely reported as a headbutt from Docherty, with Carswell having previously broken his nose against St Mirren earlier in the month.

But after seeing footage of the incident from one of the Dunfermline cameras at East End Park, he says it’s case closed for the incident.

He said: “I’ve seen it and it’s a coming together of two players, it’s certainly not a headbutt.

“Stuart pushes him and you can see there’s an argument going on, obviously as the second goal’s gone in the players are unhappy and it’s difficult to see from the camera as it’s far away.

“These things have been kept in house, first and foremost. We’ve had a chat with them, spoken to them and told them we weren’t happy with them with what’s happened. The two players have spoken, they’ve shaken hands and apologised and the matter is closed and we’ll move on.”

“They’re both in the wrong but they’re two passionate players who want to do well but they have to learn from that and they control it in the right way.”

And the Sons manager was unsure if further action was going to be taken by the SFA regarding the incident. He added: “I don’t know because the referee didn’t see it. The SFA might get involved with it but we don’t know yet. We’ll find out this week if they do.”