DUMBARTON boxer Martin Harkin will be in action in his fourth fight since turning professional next Friday at the Radisson Hotel.

Harkin is so far unbeaten since turning pro last year without losing a single round in his three wins.

He received his first cut in boxing against Italian opponent Victor Edagha in March, and took just a week off training before returning to the ring.

Martin has come out comfortably on top in his first three fights against Michal Yosyka, James Gorman and Edagha. The first two fights against Gorman and Vosyka were both four rounds, before stepping up to six rounds against Edagha.

He wants to continue pushing the number of rounds up, and is still on track to have a title fight towards the end of the year.

He said: “Hopefully I can get another win under the belt, and the next one will be an eight or a ten rounder.

“I took a week off after that last fight because I got a cut, I had to let that heal out for at least six weeks before I could start sparring again.

“But it’s healed terrifically now and I was straight back into training. I don’t really like not training, you lose your sharpness and feel a wee bit stale. But if you keep training you keep sharp.

“If I win this fight convincingly then they’re looking to get me a British Masters belt.”

Harkin’s next fight will likely be in September, but he needs to take care of his opponent next Friday, who is still to be confirmed.

He added: “There’s a break in the season after June and then there’s a show in September they want me on.

“I think it’ll be this fight and then maybe another six-rounder and towards the end of the year.

I obviously need to hold up my end of the bargain.

“Every boxer wants to win titles and that’s the goal so if I can win these fights and then have a chance at a major title then maybe next year I can step up to bigger titles.

“I told him [Ian McLeod, promoter] I’ll always be available, I’m always training and ready to fight.

Also fighting on the night at St Andrew’s Sporting Club will be Ryan Brawley, Willie Limond and Andrew Mackay.

Tickets for the fight are available directly from Martin, by calling St Andrew’s Sporting Club on 0141 8105700 or office@standrewssportingclub.com