No international contingent at the final would be complete without Dumbarton’s ever-popular band of supporters from Switzerland.

The Swiss Sons, as they are known, have been making annual trips to watch the club play since 2011, and this year at least six members of the group will be making the journey to Scotland to cheer the side to victory with their famous “Da-da-da-da Dumbarton” chant.

The chant begins with the line “Fly like an elephant, sting like a rock”, which is also the group’s motto – and while they will certainly make themselves heard on Saturday, they will also be easy to spot with their scarves emblazoned with the phrase.

Their attendance at the final is the next chapter in an enduring relationship between the supporters and the club, which was sparked by chance back in 2008, when a story about Dumbarton strips robbed from a truck and put up for sale on eBay ended up on the Swiss blog ‘Zum Runden Leder’.

The blog is a forum for BSC Young Boys, who also wear black and yellow and the story was spotted by BSC YB fan Roland Koechli, who along with his friend Marq Christen decided when they both stopped smoking in 2009 that whoever was the first one to start up again had to pay for a trip to Dumbarton.

As Roland admits, however, after they both started up again and were unsure as to who began first, they decided to go ahead and see a game with each coming up with the cost themselves.

The pair went to their first game in 2011, immediately making friends with other members of the Dumbarton support and telling their friends all about it when they returned home.

Roland said: “The trip to Dumbarton is always great and we’ve been looking forward to it the whole year.

“We have met so many nice people in Dumbarton and we feel very welcomed. This time Kristiano, Mambo, Wladimir and Jérôme and maybe Matthew will join us. All of them have been with us a couple of times.

“We have a great respect for Scottish football and the football knowledge of the fans.

“Over the years we have made many friends in Dumbarton and the nights after the match have become longer and longer. There are too many stories to tell of what has happened in Dumbarton, but some of them will not be forgotten.”

Last March, seven Swiss Sons made the trip to watch Dumbarton claim a 2-2 draw with then Championship leaders Hibs at Easter Road.

BSC YB have also reached their own national final and face FC Zurich for the Swiss Cup in May, but Roland is confident that his Scottish side can get the ball rolling by taking home the Challenge Cup on Saturday.

He added: “This time it will be a little different as for the first time since we started supporting Dumbarton we have the chance to win a title. This will be one to remember!

“We are sure that the Sons will get the cup. Our message is clear: ‘Go get some silverware, Sons!'”