Week two of our exclusive training programme for the Babcock 10K Series is, for beginners at least, similar in a number of ways to week one writes Garscube Harriers’ Katie White.

This week all the sessions still have walking breaks but the length of time spent running is slightly longer.

Remember to try to keep moving continuously and recover during the walks.

Hopefully you are starting to get into a regular routine and have found a suitable time in the day where you can prioritise running.

If you can, try and find people to run with; this will make it easier to stick to the plan and will make it more enjoyable.

If you’re following the intermediate training programme, and haven’t previously done many interval or tempo runs, it might take you a few runs in the first few weeks of the training plan to learn what target paces are best for you.

For the interval sessions try and find a pace that is hard but that you can maintain for all the intervals.

Don’t do the first interval too fast so that you aren’t able to complete the rest of the intervals in the same time.

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For the advanced training plan, try and complete the run on Thursday on an undulating route.

Although the Helensburgh 10K isn’t very hilly, it does have some short hills, so training on a similar route will help.

If you haven’t entered the series yet, there’s still time to take advantage of the organisers’ special Valentine’s discount offer, giving £5 off any individual race entry in the series if you enter between now and the end of February.

The discount reduces the entry fee per race from £19.50/£21.50 to £14.50/£16.50, while entry for the whole series remains great value at £43/£49.

Only one discount per entry. Use the code 1402 on the event page at entrycentral.com.

Find out more information about the series at babcock10kseries.co.uk.

Beginners, week 2: Monday - rest; Tuesday - 1min walk, 3min run x8; Wednesday - rest; Thursday - 1min walk, 3min run x10; Friday - rest; Saturday - 7min run, 2min walk x5; Sunday- rest.

Intermediate, week 2: Monday - rest; Tuesday - 6x2min with 1min recovery; Wednesday - rest; Thursday - 1hr run with 15 min tempo; Friday - rest; Saturday - 3 miles easy; Sunday - 7 miles.

Advanced, week 2: Monday - rest; Tuesday - 8x2min with 1min recovery; Wednesday - 1hour steady; Thursday - 1hr with hills; Friday - rest; Saturday - 1hr with 15 min tempo; Sunday - 8 miles.