After no wins in eight games from the turn of the year the squad has shown great mental strength to win three out of the last four. Many people say we don’t have much to play for but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In part-time football contracts are generally given out on a year-to-year basis so we are all playing to earn a new deal for next season. We also have five talented boys on loan at the moment who will all be doing their utmost to impress their respective clubs in a bid to push into the first team next year.

We also have professional pride and there’s no way the squad we have would tolerate anyone going out there and not giving 100 per cent in any of the remaining games. We can however play with a degree of freedom and enjoy the matches.

The manager always drums into the players though that you only enjoy it when you are winning. Yesterday’s match against Falkirk was a fine example. The game itself was poor as a spectacle mainly due to the gale force winds at the Rock. Archie scored a screamer to win it for us though and I was delighted for the wee man as he had a tough shift up there on his own in the first half against the wind.