FANS of Loch Lomond legend Tom Weir will soon be able to sing to his tune when band The Mighty Sparrahawks release an ode to him next month. A celebrated conservationist and hill climber Tom Weir, was born in Glasgow, but is forever associated with Loch Lomond thanks to his television programme Weir's Way, broadcast from 1976-1987. He is credited as being one of the key inspirations for the national park.

The Reporter told you in November how the Tom Weir Statue Campaign which began in February of last year had secured the support of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park to erect a statue in the area.

Khris Beattie from Glasgow, who penned the song, called Tom Weir, says he was honoured.

He told the Reporter: "We became involved with Susan Taylor (the campaign's administrator), she knew us through her job and we got talking about Tom Weir when we found out she was involved with this campaign.

"I'm a big fan of Tom Weir, I watched it when it was on originally and then later it was almost ritualistic for me to come in after a night out and watch the re-runs.

"It's been very gratifying to help a cause like this, both musically and spiritually because I now feel like I've connected with Tom again."

As a songwriter Khris says it is unusual to be asked to write a song "to order" as he was by Susan, but he enjoyed the challenge it presented. The 50-year-old said: "It took me about three days to write it.

"It was a really good challenge we're also in the process of making a video.

"It's three-and-a-half minutes long so it's radio-friendly too. It's not often you get asked to write songs like this, about something specific, every so often it will come to you but that's rare.

"I just introduced the song live as our new single and it's went down well. Tom's wife has heard it as well and says it's very catchy."

As someone who has to communicate with an audience, Khris says he admires the ability Tom had to speak to his audience in a way which they would understand and digest.

He said: "I think Tom inspired so many people because he was so down to earth, and a great communicator, which is something I empathise with totally because it's what I have to do when I go onstage.

"I've got an optimistic feeling about everything, Tom was such a well-loved individual, no ones got a bad word to say about him and he was such an inspiration."

The single is due to be released sometime next month and will be available on CD and download.