A DUMBARTON man is taking his rock n roll circus on the road and trying to spread the word about the area's musical talent.

Robert McCourt, 26, of Northern Soul Promotions was giving serious consideration to wrapping up his company after a low turnout at one of his Dumbarton event's last year.

However, he has since resolved to spread his wings and take his events to Helensburgh with a gig organised for the Victoria Halls on Saturday, June 29.

A musician himself, Robert has been responsible for bringing such British indie luminaries to the area as Bez of the Happy Mondays.

Robert, who also studies sound production at James Watt College, says he has moved away from bringing established acts to the area and now wants to focus on up and coming talent. He told the Reporter: "Using the contacts I have made I'd like to make this event one for up and coming bands, give new bands the exposure they deserve.

"I did the nostalgia thing for a while to give these bands the opportunity to play with the likes of Steve Craddock [Ocean Colour Scene] and Chris Helme [The Seahorses].

"To be a successful promoter you've got to be involved with new bands that are going to go places and that's what I'm trying to do. I want to get A and R [Artist and Repertoire] guys down to this area, so they can see the talent we have here."

The event will take place at the Victoria Halls, and is headlined by Dundee band Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher (AMWWF) who have recently had their cover of 'Caledonia' featured in a national ad campaign. Also featuring are Dumbarton and Vale folk-rock favourites Have Mercy Las Vegas, Sleeping Giants and Robert himself under the stage name 'Courty'.

Robert says there is plenty of promise in Dumbarton, the Vale and Helensburgh as a music hotspot. He continued: "There's potential for a thriving scene anywhere, but the problem is you have a bit of a cloak and dagger scene here, with rivalries between bands, you've got to stop that. If I can get a scene going like what they had in Manchester in the '80's with Joy Division and the Happy Mondays where they were involved with the one record company, played at the one venue that would be the dream.

"I believe the bands I'm putting on will be established bands, AMWWF are one of the hottest up and coming bands in the country just now, along with Kassidy and bands like that."

Robert added: "I hope we get a good crowd showing, a good crowd shows you can put on a good night. It's not a lot of money and the gig finishes in time for people to get the last train home if they're coming from Dumbarton.

Tickets are �7 for standing and �10 for the seated balcony with a private bar - on sale soon from the Victoria Hall Box Office.