'YOU'LL be in stitches' is the promise of Dumbarton People's Theatre (DPT) ahead of its latest production, 'Moon Over Buffalo' which debuts at the Denny Civic Theatre tomorrow night (Wednesday).

The play was first performed in the mid-90s and follows a theatre company in Buffalo, New York in the 1950s.

Elise McLean, director, spoke to the Reporter on Wednesday and says the play will be a guaranteed great night out for anyone who comes along. She said: "It's funny and it's very light hearted, it's a bit of a romp, it'll be a good laugh and good fun." Unlike the DPT's last production 'The Slab Boys' where the cast was made up of primarily younger actors, this production has a mix of ages. Elise added: "There's a grandparent, parent and child in the cast so there's quite a spread in the ages. It's great everyone brings something different to the table, you have the enthusiasm of the younger members and the experience of the older cast members.

"The enthusiasm rubs off on the experienced cast and the younger cast members can learn a lot as well." Although Elise has been involved with the DPT since 2007 and is normally on stage - this will be the first time she's been in the director's chair.

Elise added: "I have acted in a few comedies but never directed one, I've directed a musical before. It's a lot easier because with a musical you've got a big cast to deal with, this is a small group you can concentrate on.

"You've got lots of time to focus on the smaller things like timing, to make sure it's as effective as it can be. Timing can make or break comedy, if you are late or too slow, even a little facial expression can make a massive difference." The DPT were putting the final touches to their rehearsals when Elise spoke with the Reporter, moving from its rehearsal room in Dumbarton East to the Denny Civic for the final week of rehearsals. Elise added: "We've moved from the rehearsal room to the Denny Civic, which causes its own problems with being a different size of space. We're now getting to grips with the technical aspects like the lighting.

"The main thing I hope to get out of the play is just to make sure the audience has a great time each night - it's the last play of our season, so we want to end it on a high." 'Moon Over Buffalo' runs until Saturday, May 4 from 7.30pm. Tickets are �4 and available from Keystores in Dumbarton and Alexandria or from the box office on the night.