A TIMETABLE has been set for the creation of an 'iconic' waterway network that will see a canal built allowing boats to sail from the River Clyde right into the heart of Loch Lomond.

The new Lomond Canal - which will hopefully sort out the flooding problems along the Strathleven Corridor and bring tourism and jobs into the area - is set to get under way in 2011 and be completed for 2020.

The corridor through Dumbarton and the Vale, along the route of the River Leven, has long suffered from with flooding.

By creating a canal running parallel to the River Leven, it is claimed the excess water will be turned into something positive, which it is hoped will attract and retain residents, businesses, investors and visitors to the area.

West Dunbartonshire Council approved the strategic outline for the multi-million pound project at a full meeting on Wednesday.

Council leader Iain Robertson said: 'We need to sell this to the Government by what it can do not just for West Dunbartonshire but for Scotland.

'We are joining up the Clyde in Glasgow with Loch Lomond - these are iconic names and we are bringing them to the fore for West Dunbartonshire and Scotland.' The council hopes to have stakeholders, including the Scottish Government on board by Autumn this year.

At that stage they will begin to draw up a delivery strategy that will include design and engineering plans for the Lomond Canal which should be ready by Autumn next year.

A number of associated projects, including upgrading the A82, are also set to get under way in 2014 and should be completed by 2025.

WDC and British Waterways plan to fund the project alongside match funding from the Scottish Government.

Councillors agreed on Wednesday to get the ball rolling by sending the outline to the Scottish Government and setting up a working group to monitor the progress of the project.