Signage issues AS every River Leven angler will confirm, we are often stopped by tourists looking for directions.

In that event much more needs to be done to capitalise on the attractions of the Leven.

Its historic heritage and its natural heritage.

I suggest more signage as follows: 1) River Leven industrial wasteland.

2) River Leven poverty tourism. See the worst levels of deprivation and ill health in the developed world.

3) River Leven toxic playground. Inhale lightly, dangerous chemicals (at safe levels).

4) River Leven drink and drugs dens. A unique cultural experience.

5) River Leven fly-tipping. Pre-Roman in origin.

6) River Leven ghosts. See the world famous ‘invisible councillor’.

7) River Leven river wreckers. See the river wreckers in action.

8) River Leven polluters. See the polluters in action.

9) River Leven. See the worst kept salmon river in the world.

10) River Leven asset strippers. See the strippers in action.

As the chairman of VisitScotland and the convenor of the national park, Mike Cantley has pointed out that every problem is an opportunity.

We need to stay positive and sell cotland: “There is no place like home.” Most tourists think it is all happening on Loch Lomond.

It is not.

That is because the loch gets a lot of publicity.

The River Leven offers an unforgettable, unique, once in a lifetime golden opportunity to die for.

The tourists are being short changed on the loch.

By promoting ‘The River Leven experience’ we could give them a lot better value for money, boost the local economy and create jobs.

James Graham, The Clyde District Anglers’ Rights Campaign Remembrance