VALE campaigners joined Donald Trump's parliament protest against windfarms last Wednesday - claiming they are destroying Scotland's "wonderful and spectacular" landscape. Members from area action group Stop Loch Lomond Turbines linked up with protesters from Communities Against Turbines Scotland to lobby the Scottish Government over its renewables policy.

The protesters marched on Holyrood armed with banners and placards in a move coinciding with an inquiry where MSPs probed the administration's energy targets.

The SNP administration wants green energy projects such as wind power to produce 100 per cent of Scotland's requirement by 2020.

However, critics are worried this will produce a rash of windfarms.

American business tycoon Donald Trump thrilled protesters when he spoke with them after appearing at the inquiry to tell politicians wind farms are "so unattractive, so noisy, so ugly and so dangerous".

Sally Page, of Stop Loch Lomond Wind Turbines told the Reporter: "I felt the march was very moving.

"People have very strong feelings about it and I think most people are saying about 250 people were there.

"I would say they were all different types of people and a range of different ages.

"There were a lot of police around because of Donald Trump's presence at the inquiry and it was much larger and much bigger than the last march I took part in.

idiocy "We hung around until Donald Trump came out. When he did, everyone surged forward and he did shake hands and spent a few minutes talking to the people at the front."

Stop Loch Lomond Wind Turbines fiercely oppose plans for a 10-turbine site at Merkins Farm, near Bonhill.

Sally added: "Our campaign is going quite well and we have had a good response so far. If it went ahead this windfarm would be seen for miles around. If we have something special we shouldn't spoil it."

We recently reported how Lomond Energy chief Steve Macken argued that the site would kickstart the area's economy. The Gartocharn-based firm has submitted an application to council planners.