THE weekend will never be the same again thanks to one talented Dumbarton DJ. Dance music maestro Stephen Kirkwood was recently unveiled as the new face of YOUR Radio's Saturday nights - and has already been busy getting people in the party mood with his unique brand of electronic beats.

The skilled 23-year-old is now hoping that his weekly live shows will prove a hit with as many people from Dumbarton and the Vale as possible as he continues with his bid to become a music superstar.

Speaking after his first show last week, Stephen told the Reporter he was delighted with the reaction he had received from listeners.

He said: "It's brilliant, I have been getting amazing feedback, everyone just seems really keen on the idea of getting new music on the radio. I did the first hour kind of deep tech house, all the new stuff you hear going into trendy bars and then the second hour I did more progressive house and trance.

"I announced it and got a massive amount of feedback from people on facebook. It's different from anything else that's happening and gives people a chance to listen music you don't usually hear.

"For the first show I was a bit shaky, it's a new radio show and you don't know how many people you're talking too. It was quite nervy at first but after that I started getting into it, feeling the tunes and it was great.

"I'm grateful to Your Radio for giving me the chance, they seem keen to try something new as well. The future looks bright and over the next few months I'm going to try and build it up.

"It's something to look forward to every Saturday."

Last month the Reporter revealed that Stephen had been voted as one of the country's top 20 record spinners for the second year running alongside industry legends such as Calvin Harris and Mark Sherry.

The announcement follows on from a string of other recent successes which included having his monthly podcast Culture snapped up by Indian radio station Tenzi FM.

In addition, the talented producer also had his latest song 'Mars One' signed up by record label Lange Recordings last week and is expecting it, along with his other new track 'Mind The Gap', to be released over the coming months.

Stephen added: "I just signed that yesterday so now I am bringing two new tracks out on Lange's record label. Lange is one of the biggest names in the trance world and I'm talking to him almost every day."

Stephen will now be taking to the Your Radio airwaves every Saturday between 5-7pm on 103 and 106.9FM.