WILL has some good news - with a lack of evidence, he won't be going on trial - but he is still to face a disciplinary. It means he can still be sacked so Will's not out of the woods yet. However Robbie is his usual optimistic self, particularly with Edward finally getting ready to go home.

Of course, Robbie doesn't know the full story and with DCI Donald on Will's back, the pressure is on again - with Robbie about to be brought back to reality.

Leyla is struggling with the whispers about her affair with Gabriel, despite Gabriel trying to tough it out.

The boys aren't coping with the news at all, with it hitting Conor in particular really hard.

He soon informs Leyla that he's going to Canada to be with his real mum - and Leyla turns to the one crutch she can rely on.

Eileen asks DCI Donald out for a drink - she wants to thank him for his help with Stuart - but there is clearly an attraction between them.

However DCI Donald gets caught up at work and so later turns up apologetically at the flat with a bottle of wine.

When Gina finds the flat in disarray the next morning she isn't pleased with Eileen and tells her she's sick of Eileen using her place as a hotel.

Eileen realises she has to put her sister first for once.