A DEBUT sci-fi author is hoping his new book will capture the imagination of those who read it - and open the door to a whole new world for him.

David Munro, 59 from Ardoch, works as a business consultant and unusually for an author his age, hasn't always wanted to write. He told the Reporter: "Writing is just something that's developed over the last few years.

"I had an idea for a short story and it's grown arms and legs.

"I've found that writing isn't a difficult task for me, I can put a story together and I have already started to put together the sequel.

"I enjoyed the process of writing and the research because a lot of it's set during the Victorian era, modern history, and I'm interested in it." The book is called The Time Jigsaw and follows a Scottish man - James Carsell-Brown - as he travels through time and is involved in a series of adventures.

As he doesn't have a background in writing and literature, David has his own unique process which he used when writing the book. He continued: "I have the storyline and then split it into 12 or 13 chapters. I find the writing gives me a feel good factor.

"My background is in business consultancy and I think this has helped me focus my mind and it keeps me direct which is the way I write.

"I've found in recent years with the cuts my work has dried up but at the same time I've been able to fill this time with writing." Once he had finished his book, David sent it out to publishers and managed to secure himself a deal with London-based publishers Austin and Macauley. After he got the deal, he says initially his friends and family were surprised at his new career. He added: "My family has been very receptive, I was through at Christmas time and they were all asking me questions about it, they've all been very interested in what's going on.

"I wouldn't say they were shocked, but pleasantly surprised." David's book is available from Amazon and from his publisher's website www.austinmacauley.com.