A DUMBARTON DJ will have one of his tracks featured on a new trance compilation, which highlights the best the genre currently has to offer.

Stephen Kirkwood's track Mars One will feature on Trance Nation, a Ministry of Sound compilation which will be in shops from the end of this month.

The DJ has had a busy year so far with the Reporter revealing in January how the 24-year-old had managed to secure himself as the face of YOUR Radio's Saturday nights. He told the Reporter: "Ministry of Sound's the biggest album I could wish to be on at the minute, I'm hoping it will create exposure for me, which it will because it's the biggest album you can get for trance.

"I actually wrote the track last year and finished it in January of this year - it's been in the pipeline for about six months so I've been holding back on the news since." Stephen's track was chosen by legendary trance DJ/producer Lange who also runs the label, Lange Recordings, that Stephen is signed to. Stephen added: "He [Lange] wrote the track 'Follow Me' which came out on Kevin and Perry Go Large, so I'm signed to his label and I just make tracks that come out and if some of them are good enough he'll put them forward for the compilation. I wrote the track for the label and they seemed to like it and it's coming out on this album.

"I've got hard work in store and with determination I can push through and continue what I'm doing with the tracks towards some more success.

"I'm planning on putting out just single tracks this year because you can gain more exposure that way but I think in the next two or three years I'll definitely get an album together - it's something I want to do anyway." Stephen is on Your Radio every Saturday between 5-7pm on 103 and 106.9FM. Ministry of Sound: Trance Nation is released Monday, July 29.