FOR aspiring author Steven McKay a chance sighting during his daily work day inspired him to pen his debut novel - based on Robin Hood. The 36-year-old Old Kilpatrick meter reader had always dreamed of writing a book and had hoped to create a historical fiction story.

However, he was unable to settle on his final subject until he spotted a unique house sign around three years ago.

Last week Steven told the Post: "I love historical fiction, everything from medieval stuff to the Romans, but I wanted it to be British.

"I'm a meter reader and I was just sitting thinking one day that I would like to write a book and thinking who I could write about. I wanted to do something about King Arthur or some kind of British hero and I turned into a street in Bearsden, looked at a house and it was called Sherwood. That was it, as soon as I saw Sherwood I thought it was perfect.

"The book is about Robin Hood although it's a wee bit different from most Robin Hoods, most are set in the 12th Century with King John and Prince Richard but I set mine in the 14th Century with King Edward. I just thought it would be quite interesting to take a new look at the legend.

"It's probably been about three years in the making as I had to do a bit of research on it first and make sure I got all the history right. I was out at work so I just fitted it around that, when I came in from work I would sit and write a bit." Since its release Steven's book - entitled Wolf's Head - has been well received by those who have read it and he has already started the follow-up.

It also proved a hit with his young daughter Freya, who was as equally eager as her dad to see the final product.

Steven added: "It was quite exciting. It was dedicated to my five-year-old daughter and she was really proud of it and it was nice to see her face light up. My pal's mum works in one of the libraries and they said they could let me do a talk about it. I'm not used to doing anything like that so it's quite exciting.

"She loves the library and when I told her it would be in there she said she was going to borrow it. I'm about a third of the way through the next book which is a continuation of this series. It's only taken me six months so I should be finished this one in about one year rather than the three it has taken me this time." Wolf's Head is available as both an ebook and paperbook. For more information go to or /