Denzil Meyrick, who writes under the name D.A Meyrick, had his first crime thriller — Whisky from Small Glasses — published by Ringwood in November of last year.

Now, the 47-year-old is set to have his second book — The Death of Remembrance — published by Birlinn-Polygon, after the prestigious company signed the author to a lucrative multi-book deal.

Speaking to the Reporter, Denzil said: “I’m really pleased about it, it gives me access to a wider market.

“We’re going to be looking at getting the book distributed to Europe, America and Canada, so it will take me to another level.

“The bigger the organisation, the bigger support you have — things like marketing and design are taken care off for you.” Denzil now breathes the same air as such Scottish literary luminaries as Alexander McCall-Smith and James Kelman, who are also signed to the Edinburgh-based publishers.

A prolific writer, Denzil has already begun work on a third novel, provisionally titled Dark Suits and Sad Songs which he expects to be out next September. He added: “I think I have been really lucky in terms of writer’s block, I think because I’ve had firm ideas set out in my head before that’s helped.

“I’m quite pleased about it, I’ve yet to experience that dreaded feeling that so many other authors struggle with.

“This deal also helps because it will let me concentrate more on the writing side of things and not have to worry about the other aspects.” In his short career as an author, Denzil has already found success distributing his novel online with Whisky in Small Glasses reaching the top 50 crime on the Kindle. Denzil added: “With the distribution base of Birrlin it makes it a lot more lucrative to me in terms of where the book is available. My stepdaughter, Rachel Kennedy, has also recently just been offered a publishing deal which is obviously fantastic for someone who is only 23.” Whisky From Small Glasses is available from Amazon as both a book and on the Kindle.

The Death of Remembrance is currently at the editing stage and will be released in the coming months.