David Munro, 59 from Ardoch, had his novel The Time Jigsaw published after securing a deal with London firm Austin and MacAuley.

David had an unusual background for an author — a business consultant by trade, and hadn’t had any experience in writing until recently.

Speaking to the Reporter, David says it’s still too early to measure the success of the novel. He said: “It’s difficult to find out at this stage how many sales there have been because the royalties don’t come out till December.

“I know friends and family have bought the book and also the Mitchell Library has taken on eight copies.

“They [friends and family] have enjoyed it, everyone who has read it seems to have enjoyed it which has given me the confidence to start the sequel — it won’t be out till next summer.” The 59-year-old says having one published novel under his belt has helped him progress on to the next one. David added: “I definitely find it easier because of the experience of writing the first book — I know a bit more about about writing techniques so it definitely helps, I think you get a lot more confidence.

“I’ve got the storyline quite focused and I feel it’s a good sequel — it’s different from the first book in that it sticks to only one timeline the backdrop of which is the Wall Street Crash in 1929. Elizabeth from the first novel is the central character this time round.” David is set to give a talk at Dumbarton Library as part of a new project in to promote new writing talent in the area. David added: “The talk will be split into three parts — the first part will be an introduction about me, and everything leading up the book being published; then I will give a talk about the book itself; finally there will be a question and answer session and a book signing.

“It’s a first and a whole new experience for me. I wouldn’t say I was nervous but more apprehensive because I have never done it before, but I’m looking forward to it.

“Because of my business background, I’m quite comfortable with the marketing and promotion side of things, it makes you quite proactive and you have to be when you’re promoting.

“The talk will give people a chance to speak to me. I don’t have any traditional writing background so hopefully I can inspire others in the same position to give it a go.” David’s book is available from Amazon and from his publisher’s website www.austinmacauley.com.

The author also has a blog which he regularly updates at davidmunroauthor.wordpress.com.