However, the superstar DJ recently told the Reporter his biggest regret about visiting the area to play his first ever gig in Balloch was the fact that he wouldn’t have enough time to go down to the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond.

He also admitted his short stay in the area had caused him a few family problems — as he wasn’t the only one who was keen to check out the local scenery.

Dave told the Reporter: “My wife’s upset because she thinks we should be going but it hasn’t worked out that way.

“I went there as a kid so I know it’s a nice place to visit. Maybe another time when I have more time I can go, that would be good. Last time I was there I was 12 so I’ll have to arrange it another time because it’s a beautiful part of the world.” Last week Dumbarton DJ and producer Stephen Kirkwood, who also played along side Dave on his recent visit to Desire, revealed he has often drawn on the area’s stunning scenery as inspiration for his music.

He said: “Personally I think it has some of the best views in the world. A lot of people take it for granted that we’ve got it there. My track Mars one is more dark and twisted with a techno vibe but at the summer time when I’m up at Luss I come up with more emotional melodies and my latest track ‘We Are All Connected’ reflects both that and my interest in space.” Following world renowned DJ Dave Pearce’s first ever Balloch gig he described it as a “banging session.” And speaking to the Reporter ahead of the event Dave said he was excited about coming to the area, adding: “I always love playing in Scotland, it’s great fun, and people are generally up for a good party. I’ve played in Scotland many times and I have always found it to be full of people with great energy levels. At some clubs in London everybody just nods their heads, stroking their chin, but even when I’m DJ-ing abroad I can normally spot the Scottish people.” Talented local DJ Stephen also hailed the success of the night and told the Reporter: “It was great, it was really busy and it was great for the area to have another BBC Radio DJ up here and he was a great follow-up to the Judge Jules night.” Playing alongside BBC Radio 2 presenter Dave Pearce is just the latest accomplishment for Stephen in recent months which has seen him be snapped up for gigs all over the country, and become the new A&R manager for record label Lange Recordings.

In addition he has also recorded a mix for Judge Jules’ radio show which is broadcast in more than 30 countries while his latest song Mars One was at number nine in the Beatport top 10 chart.

He added: “I was really, really chuffed with that. The dance community regard that as the biggest chart around. They don’t even go after iTunes or anything so to get in the top 10 was excellent.”