Dave Finnegan, who played wildman drummer Mickah Wallace in the film, will be joining tribute act The Kommitments at the Denny Civic Theatre for a one off show.

The 46-year-old performer has played some of the biggest stages and some of the most exotic countries in the world but is eager to return to Scotland for the show. He told the Reporter: “I used to tour there quite a lot with the guys from the film during the nineties.

“We played The Commitments anniversary show in Braehead a couple of years ago. I love it up there, I always enjoy my time there and I’m looking forward to the show.” The Commitments, directed by Alan Parker, followed a band of working class no-hopers from Dublin as they formed a soul covers band and tried, unsuccessfully, to hit the big time.

The film was such a cult hit the cast themselves toured as The Commitments and ironically, achieved the dream of the characters in the film.

Over 20 years after it was released the film and the songs are still as popular as ever and recently inspired a West End musical. Dave continued: “When we played the anniversary shows in Dublin, London and Glasgow it was amazing to see after all this time people were still fans.

“It amazes me it’s just the music and the way it was based on reality, I think — all those characters you’ll meet in working class communities everywhere.

“What you see is what you get — a Dublin band playing soul, you didn’t get that at the time — every band was trying to be U2.” Dave left school when he was 15, and started busking before finding himself in local bands but never imagined he would share the stage with soul music legends. He added: “I mean, it’s fantastic, when you look back, and it’s always only when you look back, you realise how amazing it was.

“Playing with soul stars like Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Edwin Starr and we played with BB King in Brazil, was incredible. One minute you’re listening to these guys, the next you’re playing with them and you know them.

“These guys cherished us as well because we were white guys from Dublin playing their music, and we related to it and I think, as well, we helped to revive their careers.” Dave Finnegan and The Kommitments play the Denny Civic Theatre on Saturday, November 16, tickets are £20 and are available from the News and Chews shop on Dumbarton High Street.