Fearless Erin Doogan is travelling to South Africa where she will be locked in a cage and lowered into the water with the man-eating shark.

The 23-year-old is raising money for Alzeimher Scotland in West Dunbartonshire where she works in a day centre and for home support services.

Erin told the Reporter: “Swimming with sharks had always been on my bucket list and my dad lives in South Africa, so I looked into it because I’m going to visit him.

“I was watching YouTube videos of people doing it when my friend suggested I sign up for it and raise money at the same time.” Erin says the support she’s received has been secondary to people’s initial shock.Everyone thinks I’m mad — my mum, my friends, everyone at work.

“My mum said she’ll come with me in the boat but she’s ruled out going in the water.

“My dad still hasn’t made his decision after watching a few videos, he’s not sure.” Erin will be lowered into the ocean in a eight-man cage with no protective gear, or scuba diving equipment while people throw chum into the water to lure the sharks to the cage.

“I can only hold my breath for about 10 seconds so I’ll have to keep my head above water and just watch the fins coming toward me. I keep thinking the ‘Jaws’ music will be playing in my head.

“We’ve researched the different companies and this one seems to be the best.

“I’ve read a lot online and watched a lot of videos but I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared. I’ve got a week in South Africa before the dive so hopefully I can relax a bit before I take the plunge.” Working as a carer for Alzeimhers Scotland she will see first hand where her fundraising will go, and says its incentive to try and raise more.

“We have day centres, groups, cafés and clubs for people with Alzeimhers and especially in West Dunbartonshire they need the extra money. Its important that these people are supported.

“My manager and I are going to have a sit-down when I get back and decide where the money is going to go. I’ve raised £473.43 so far and I’d love to raise more.” Erin travels to South Africa on November 18 and will be filming every day of her trip and you can watch on her terrifying dive on her YouTube channel: youtube.com/beautycreep and you can donate at http://justgiving.com/erindoogan.