David McKenzie, 26, from Braehead, Bonhill told the Reporter people’s safety is being put at risk at the site.

He said in the past, West Dunbartonshire Council knocked down a number of garages around the property and put up a fence, but when the fence blew down two years ago and no action had been taken.

Mr McKenzie said: “There’s a 6ft drop here, from street level it’s higher than me, and I see kids playing on it, and running and jumping from it, if they fall they’re going to fall on concrete. It’s so dangerous.” Mr McKenzie, who has lived in the house for 10 years with his parents, said it’s just his house that hasn’t been fenced.

He said: “My house was previously fitted for disability access, so there’s a path that runs alongside the house. They fenced off everyone else’s house and left ours at the end, and that’s where the huge drop is. To be honest, they don’t seem to care.” Mr McKenzie said when a council inspector first came to the house, he was told a fence wasn’t needed, however after Mr McKenzie contacted the health and safety department, he said it was confirmed it was a ‘dangerous height’ and a fence should be built.

He added: “The first time he said it didn’t need a fence, he said it would cost them a lot of money.

“The second time he came out he said it would be done before the winter months, then it was to be done by July, and we haven’t seen anyone since. It’s August now and it’s still not done. They’ve been putting it off for months.” A West Dunbartonshire Council spokesman said: “We have not received any reports about this fence. However, our repairs team have now inspected the site and we’re happy to inform residents that a fence will be put in place on the car park side of the wall by the end of this week.”