THEATRE goers are taking a trip back in time to the times of the American Civil War.

The well-known American classic Little Women is the latest production from the Dumbarton People's Theatre Group – now in its 71st season.

The show's director Susan Anderson has been inspired by a recent trip to the United States where she visited Concord, Massachusetts and the home of the author of Little Women – Louisa May Alcott.

The story is set in the 1860s during the civil war and the audience will be introduced to arguably the most famous sisters in literary history – “the little women”; Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are played by and Louise Wilson, Kate Downie, Eilidh Watt and 13-year old Cara Mackenzie respectively.

It's a nostalgic tale of aspirations, sacrifices and traditional family values as demonstrated by their mother who will be played by Tricia Connelly. The action runs over two years in the girls’ lives meaning there will be a number of costume changes – a real challenge for the wardrobe department led by Dot Moir and Pat Green. There are bonnets, cloaks, winter and summer dresses and ball gowns for the older girls.

Audiences will laugh at the happy moments and shed a few tears at the upsets – Jo has her beautiful hair cut off, Meg falls in love, Amy quarrelling with Jo and Beth becoming seriously ill. The cast also includes the boy next door, Laurie, played by Chris Watt. Jo O’Donnell has the part of the formidable, autocratic Aunt March and Brian Garratt appears as the benevolent Mr Laurence when he is not working on the scenery. Completing the cast is Lorna Hawthorn as the faithful family servant, Hannah, Andrew Russell as John Brook, the romantic interest and Stephen Watt as Mr March.

Little Women opens at the Denny Civic Theatre today (Wednesday, April 27) at 7.30pm and runs until this Saturday, April 30. Any remaining tickets priced at £5 can be purchased from Club Members, McDermid’s Keystore, or at the box office. The production is suitable for all ages with familiar characters, gentle humour and a thoroughly feel-good atmosphere.