I am standing as a matter of conscience due to the underlying culture of dishonesty in local politics.

The NHS is my main issue. The health board is unelected and has closed many bits of the Vale of Leven Hospital. There are no effective safeguards against ill treatment in hospital or care homes and this area has one of the worst life expectancies in the UK. I have corresponded with the United Nations on the incompatibility of forced treatment with human rights law.

Since coming to Dumbarton in 1982 I have been a regular member of St Patrick’s Church and campaign against abortion.

I have been a member of Silverton and Overtoun Community Council for several years and have been involved in many planning issues including the Save Posties Park campaign.

As a former school teacher I take a keen interest in education standards and attend the parent council meetings at my daughter’s secondary school.

As a pensions actuary I am concerned about the very generous pension and salary packages paid to high ranking council officers whilst the area has large unemployment, a lack of affordable homes and food banks.

The results of consultations are routinely ignored and the banning and censuring of councillors under their Code of Conduct is biased and arbitrary. If elected I will aim to correct this.

The High Street used to contain a quality butcher, greengrocer and stationer. Now we have many empty shops. In order to encourage employment this area needs to be presentable.