Tara Fitzpatrick

COMIC fans of all ages flocked to Loch Lomond Shores this weekend to celebrate the first ever Loch Lomond Comic Con.

The Big Glasgow Comic Con, who organised the event, said attendance was three times higher than all of their previous comic cons.

The event, which celebrates comics and fantasy characters, arrived on the bonnie banks for Loch Lomond for the first time to the delight of many fans who travelled from all over the country to attend.

Traders had the opportunity to sell collectors items, graphic novels and toys.

There were children's activities and a bar serving refreshments as well as comic-inspired fan art and home decorations.

Fans came dressed as their favourite characters from superheroes to Si-Fi favourites.

The whole day was free of charge and there was also a face painter, balloon twister and Virtual Reality headset to try out.

One of the volunteers, Zatana Hambletwan commented: "I'd just like to thank everyone. It was a tough and tiring weekend but it was worth it to see so many happy faces and we really appreciate the feedback and appreciation! Cant wait for the next one."

Loch Lomond Shores manager, Audrey Reid said, “This is the first event of this kind in the area, and we’ve been completely taken aback by the level of interest in it.

“Loch Ness might have Nessie, but Loch Lomond has superheroes and Star Wars stormtroopers!”

Event organiser Ian Bonar said, “This is the first time anyone’s brought Comic Con to Loch Lomond. There’s been a great response from comic fans, cos players and families.

"As well the other activities, visitors were able to try out a Samsung VR head set, and we had the Scottish Imperial Squad and the Rebel Legion UK there for the weekend as well.”

Due to last weekends success, organisers have announced that Comic Con will return to Loch Lomond Shores again next year.