A FORMER Renton man walked out of court this week with a “gold star” from a sheriff.

Mark Fleming, 34, formerly of Stirling Street, appeared in the dock for sentencing after admitting possession of cocaine and obstructing police by attempting to swallow a quantity of cannabis resin, both in 2016.

He had been given the opportunity of a deferred sentence and last week he was back in court, where Sheriff Maxwell Hendry was told that he had stayed out of further trouble.

A supplementary background report was tabled by Fleming’s solicitor, Roddy Boag, who called it “a cracker”.

Sheriff Hendry told Fleming: “It’s a superb report, one of the best, if not the best I have ever seen. I am not one who believes in the ‘road to Damascus’, but you have proved me wrong.

“You are a totally different person who has taken all the help you were given, but ultimately it is you who have helped yourself and you are to be congratulated on that. You are an example of what someone who appears in this court can achieve. Well done.”

Fleming, now of Montrose Street, Clydebank, couldn’t hide his emotions as he stood in the dock and smiled proudly back.

He was admonished and dismissed.