The long-awaited application for the proposed Flamingo Land development at Loch Lomond is now available for the public to view online – with a monorail, brewery and up to 105 self-catering lodges cited as part of the plan.

Flamingo Land and Scottish Enterprise are looking for “planning permission in principle”, which means that the applicants are seeking agreement that the proposed development is acceptable.

This means at this stage the proposed development comprises of “key parameters”, within which its detailed design can be confirmed later.

The proposed development includes: A refurbished tourist information building; 60-bedroom Apart-hotel; 32-bedspace budget accommodation; up to 105 self-catering lodges; 20 houses; a 900m2 brewery; a leisure/pool/water park area up to approximately 2,500m2; restaurants/café and retail areas up to 1,100m2 in total; visitor reception areas and hub building up to approximately 2,000m2; external activity areas including tree top walk, events/performance areas, children’s play areas, monorail, forest adventure rides, picnic/play areas; staff and service area of up to approximately 900m2; landscaping and development works.

“Targeted tree removal” is proposed to create “small development clusters within established woodland setting.”

Vehicle access points to the development are proposed to be via Ben Lomond Way and Pier Road – the latter of which will be used for access to a newly proposed car park to the west of Pier Road.

Around 109 parking spaces at a newly configured car park on Pier Road are proposed, with 221 new parking spaces at the Pierhead, with the planning statement claiming that as a result of proposed development and design measures, “the effects of the development on the surrounding local and strategic road network are not anticipated to result in substantial adverse effects”.

Also included in the proposal is to retain the façade of the Woodbank House.

In an ‘Ecology and Woodland’ assessment, the application lists “habitat loss” to red squirrel; and “injury and fatality” to otter and red squirrel.

Compensatory planting, shoreline habitat management, purpose-built resting and feeding provisions to red squirrel and increased roosting and foraging resources to bats are all listed as positive impacts with significant effects at local level.

The application argues the proposed development’s conformity with Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Local Development Plan (LDP) and national policies, claiming it supports the “visitor experience” element of the LDP’s vision.

Flaming Land own the Woodbank House site, while Scottish Enterprise owns the West Riverside part of the site.

Flamingo Land already own and operate a holiday resort in Yorkshire, which accommodates up to 5,000 people per night, with a theme park at its heart which attracts 1.5 million visitors per season.

But the planning statement claims “the proposals are tasteful tourism focussed development appropriate to the setting in a national park and are not a theme park that would be incompatible with the location.”

Lomond councillor Sally Page told the Reporter: “I have read the application with great interest. I am hearing enormous concern from the people of Balloch.

“I would like to ensure that the decisions made by the national park planning committee will be in the best interests of the people of Balloch and are not influenced by external agendas.”

A spokesperson for Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park explained: “If the application is approved the applicant will then have to submit further application(s) for detailed aspects of the proposal before any development can take place.

“The application will be assessed against the planning policies and guidance set out in our Local Development Plan and other relevant issues before a report of recommendation is submitted to our Board members for them to consider.

“This recommendation will then be discussed at a public meeting where the National Park Authority Board members will make a decision to either approve or reject the application.”

More information on the application process can be found on the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs Park Authority website.