A BOOK is being launched about the dog-leaping mystery at Overtoun Bridge which offers new insights about the internationally renowned mystery.

Author Paul Owens will be launching his publication at the Dumbuck Country House Hotel Dumbarton on Thursday, June 28, at 7pm.

The Baron of Rainbow Bridge: Unravelling Overtoun’s Death Leaping Dog Mystery challenges the commonly accepted rational explanation given by canine expert Dr David Sands, that it is the scent of the mink luring dogs to leap from the bridge.

Alternatively, Paul argues that Overtoun historically has been cloaked in a blanket of supernatural activity such as fairies, presences, spirits, earth energies, and ghosts, and asks if it could be these paranormal entities which super-sensitive dogs are picking up at the bridge?

Paul told the Reporter: “It has taken me 11 years to research and write the book.”

At the book launch, Paul will read excerpts from his book and several guest speakers will also be accompanying him at the event, including Pastor Bob Hill who runs the Christian Centre for Hope and Healing at Overtoun House, Alice Treverrow, a psychic medium whose own dog Cassie leapt from the bridge, and other special guests.

The event will be concluded with book signings by the author.

For more information visit www.paulowens.org.