OUTRAGED parents were allowed to quiz education committee members before they delivered what locals believe to be the death knell for the school in two years.

Chairman of St Martin’s Primary School parent council, Stephen Storrie, reminded them how back in 2015 St Martin’s was deemed “unfit for purpose”, yet three years on the council is prepared to invest money to keep it watertight and above health and safety standards.

Mr Storrie asked the committee: “How is that possible after three years of neglect from the local authority that this building ‘miraculously’ is now deemed suitable for investment?”

Parent Ann Carr said: “Even though St Martin’s is in a state of disrepair, the educational attainment in our school is nothing short of astounding. This in part must be accredited to the teaching and other staff associated with our school and the personal pride and involvement of all members of staff have with our children, but a major factor is the high attainment levels is due to smaller class sizes.”

Another angry parent, Lynn Mcfetridge told the committee: “As anyone can testify Renton has suffered from lack of major investment for decades from the local authority.

“If we go by statements and the closure of St Martin’s we will have the spectacle of half of the children and families who have had to live with this massive under investment being forced to drive or walk past the first piece of major investment in our village in decades.”