Levenvale Primary School’s little bookworms were treated to a special visit recently when children’s author Angela Proctor stopped by to share the magic of reading and writing.

Pupils from P4, P5 and P6 were spellbound on June 14 as the author of the much-loved Thumble Tumble books, which tell tales about an extraordinary little witch, read out a chapter from Thumble Tumble and the Ollphesit – the first novel in the series.

With their imaginations ignited, Angela then set about putting them to use with a challenge. They then took part in an experiment to ascertain whether giants have a tongue, before delving into creating their very own magic potion.

The school’s head teacher, Simon Simpson, told the Reporter: “The children loved their time with the author and many of them promised her that they would create their own stories and send them to her to be published on her website.

“Angela was able to inspire the children with lots with activities and spark their interest in reading, writing and developing their story creating skills. The Imagination Challenge she did with the children brought up lots of new and creative ideas from the pupils about what characters, setting and plot they can use for writing their stories.

“She also donated 20 books to the classes’ libraries that took part in her session.”

Angela was also given a sneak peek at some of the short stories written by the P7s earlier in the year.

The author said: “The imagination involved, and sheer effort that had gone into every story was mind blowing.

“I could hardly believe some of the stories had been created by children in P7, they were so good.”