Intrigued brew fans got their taste buds around a selection of new flavours from Dumbarton’s brand new brewery recently.

The Lennox Brewery introduced their first offerings to the public at a launch event on July 20, including a Pilsner-style light beer, a Golden Ale, and cranachan-inspired beer containing Scottish raspberries, oats and local honey.

There were also three stouts: oatmeal, cranachan and chocolate/coconut, plus an encore Golden Ale that had just finished conditioning the day of the launch.

Councillor Iain McLaren, who is running brewery with Andrew Jarvis, was chuffed with the turnout and the feedback they received.

He said: “I think the first cranachan was a particular hit, as it's quite unusual - not unlike a cider - and people were already thinking up ways to use it in a cocktail!

“We were really happy with the flavours we'd created, but everyone's tastes are unique, and we really didn't know they would go down with craft ale enthusiasts.

“We were quickly put at ease by the immediate feedback we received.”

Iain and Andrew will now take on board all comments on the products, with the next step to take them to retailers to get them on the shelves.