An Alexandria man has pleaded guilty to shouting and swearing at a police officer inside Dumbarton Sheriff Court – but claimed the cop could have been more “delicate” in his approach.

John Murphy, of Redburn, appeared back at the building last Wednesday after being charged with acting in a threatening and abusive manner.

The court heard how on August 22, 2017, at around 10am, complaints were made about noise in the corridor outside court 2, where the High Court was sitting.

Depute fiscal Martina McGuigan told the court that Murphy, 49, was asked twice to stop. Then, there were further complaints from court 4 about the noise.

At this point, a police officer asked Murphy to leave the building and that he should remain outside.

Ms McGuigan said: “He shouted, ‘Get out my f***ing face’. He said it repeatedly in front of members of the public.”

Murphy’s defence solicitor, Brian McGuire, explained that Murphy had been accompanying a friend to court and admitted “there was noise”.

But in spite of Murphy’s guilty plea, his lawyer suggested to Sheriff William Gallacher that the police officer could have perhaps dealt with the situation in a “more delicate fashion”.

Mr McGuire said: “It shouldn’t have happened. He accepts he acted inappropriately. It might have been dealt with in a more delicate fashion.

“Even if that is the situation he shouldn’t have reacted the way that he did.”

Mr McGuire added that his client had claimed the police officer was “in his face”, and suggested to the court that the officer could have been more “delicate” in his approach.

Sheriff Gallacher said: “I’m not sure I accept his position.

“The police officer was doing what is required.”

Mr McGuire contested to the court the issue was over “the way in which it was done”.

A proof of mitigation hearing will now be held on August 30 to establish the facts of what happened.