A GROUP of travellers have been moved on from a beauty spot in Dumbarton after a court order was obtained to vacate them from the site.

The Reporter learned as it went to press that West Dunbartonshire Council obtained the order on Thursday requiring the group to vacate Havoc within 48 hours, and that a clean up of the area has now begun.

Members of the public contacted the Reporter last week, claiming waste was strewn over the site.

Pictures taken over the weekend of August 25 show the area littered with what appear to be household appliances, packaging and pieces of paper and wood.

Speaking to the Reporter last week, one shocked resident, who said she witnessed the state of the area while out dog walking, claimed: “There’s lots of human excrement and used toilet paper in the bushes.”

She also claimed she was threatened by individuals at the site – however, no report had been made to police.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, added: “This is an absolute disgrace that this community are being allowed to do this and not held accountable for the hefty clean up. I’m disgusted.

“I believe anyone should have the right to roam and live life as they wish but to create this mess is not on. It will cost a small fortune to tidy this up.”

Sergeant Brian Simpson, of Dumbarton police office, told the Reporter last week he had been carrying out regular visits with the council to address the issues at Havoc.

“It’s very difficult to prove who is responsible for the mess being left but also the human waste,” he said.

A spokeswoman for the council said the group had been given 48 hours to vacate Havoc following the court hearing.

She added: “We have measures in place at various sites throughout West Dunbartonshire to stop unauthorised encampments on council land and will continue to look at further options including CCTV.”