SPEEDING motorists are causing havoc in several areas around Helensburgh and Lomond, according to councillors.

Graham Hardie claimed last week that he witnessed “60 to 70 per cent” of motorists breaking the speed limit on Cardross’ Main Road over a half hour period.

And Barbara Morgan put it to police chiefs that residents could be given greater power to shop dangerous drivers.

Both were speaking at last Thursday’s meeting of Argyll and Bute Council’s community services committee.

Councillor Hardie, who has recently moved to Cardross, said: “I am aware of some serious speeding issues on the main road.

“In the space of half an hour, I would say that about 60 to 70 per cent of drivers were going at more than 30 miles per hour.

“There are a lot of people you can speak to on that matter. I would be interested to know if the number of accidents on that road has increased at all.

“I noticed there was an accident there about two or three months ago. In my opinion, there is a service issue with speeding there.”

Chief Superintendent Hazel Hendren, who delivered the police’s report at the meeting, stated that no accident figures were available but she would pass Councillor Hardie’s comments on.

Meanwhile, Councillor Morgan, who lives in Kilcreggan, also commented on a perceived problem with speeding motorists in that neck of the woods.

She said: “I am sure you are aware there are different areas of Argyll and Bute with speeding issues. I have experienced those around the peninsula.

“I read an article recently which said that somewhere down south, there were communities purchasing speeding equipment.

“Three or four people were taking shots that registered the number plates of vehicles which were breaking the speed limit.

“They would then contact the police, who would then send out notices to the drivers saying they were caught.

“They could not fine them, but they were giving them a heads up. Is there anything like that going on here?”

Chief Superintendent Hendren said: “It would be a preventative type of exercise.

“If there are concerns about speeding drivers, speak to your local community officers and we can have a look at the issues.

“We have a new road policing inspector, so maybe she could come along to our next meeting (in December).

“I welcome your concerns and realise how big an impact it has on the area.”