Police Scotland say they and West Dunbartonshire Council are addressing an “increase in waste dumping” in the area.

Cops have issued a reminder that if a person dumping waste illegally is not identified at the time, an owner of the waste identified from the contents will be charged in relation to the dumping.

The reminder follows a rise in reports of waste being dumped either directly by those responsible for it or by companies who have been employed to clear up waste or carry out repairs.

Now in the process of identifying individuals from the dumped waste, cops have issued a reminder that if

In addition, cops have warned that anyone employed to remove waste must be properly registered and must hold a ‘low level waste carrier’ certificate.

That means that if a person or company you pay to get rid of your waste doesn’t hold the right licence, and your waste is thrown away at the roadside, that means you will be liable for it, even if you didn’t dump it yourself.

Police and Scottish Environment Protection Agency staff will be stopping vehicles carrying waste to ensure the correct certification is in place.