A dad of three who lost three stones with careful eating and exercise is calling on more men to follow his lead.

Andrew Gordon says his weight loss, achieved over 20 weeks, has put a spring in his step and given him back his confidence.

To get his weight down, Andrew joined a Slimming World class St Joseph's Church hall Grant Street a move he has never regretted.

And to cap it all, he has just been named the slimming group's Helensburgh Man of the Year.

Andrew, 35, told the Advertiser the class consists mainly of women - and he believes men often feel too awkward or shy about going to slimming groups where the members are predominately female.

He said: "It can be quite daunting for a man to make the decision to go along to a slimming club where it's mainly women.

"But I can assure them, there is nothing to feel embarrassed about.

"In fact, the women are very supportive and always give you a hearty 'well done' when you lose weight."

So, I would say to any man, don't feel embarrassed, you will quickly realise that going to Slimming World is a really good move if you want to lose weight."

Andrew, who works for rail company C and G Systems, sponsors of Dumbarton FC, said his weight loss had given him renewed confidence at work where he is more comfortable around people.

And now he intends to go back to playing badminton, a game he has enjoyed in the past but gave up through inactivity..

However, Andrew and his wife Morna have plenty to keep them motivated through their three daughters - Chloe, 10, Emily, 4, and Isla, 3, who love dancing, swimming and gymnastics.

With summer virtually over and a family holiday in Menorca now a happy memory, Andrew aims to continue at the class where he get advice on eating and exercise from Slimming World's Bernadette McParland.

He said: "You can eat lots of the right stuff, the things that fill you up, and you should never starve yourself - that's when you just want to raid the fridge. "

Bernadette told the Advertiser: "Well done to Andrew on being voted Man of the Year. He wants to spread the word that slimming clubs are not just for women and men need help and support too.

"And that's what Slimming World offers along with its fantastic Food Optimising Eating Plan.

"I have been the Helensburgh Slimming World Consultant for 22 years now and it never fails to amaze me that weight loss transforms people to a healthier and fitter lifestyle."