POLICE nabbed a persistent drug trafficker after bursting into a flat in Bonhill – where they spotted him trying to hide under a duvet.

Steven Pellow was arrested after police raided the property following an anonymous tip-off.

The 34-year-old pleaded guilty at Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week to a charge of possession of a class A drug with intent to supply.

And he was warned he could face a substantial prison sentence because he was caught while still subject to an unexpired sentence in relation to another, similar, offence.

A second accused, Kimberley Drummond, 25, of Garscadden View in Clydebank, walked free after prosecutors accepted her plea of not guilty to the charge.

Officers found a quantity of brown powder, which later tested positive as heroin, worth almost £900, and a set of digital scales during a search of the Croft Street flat on June 27.

Fiscal depute Kevin Doherty told a hearing on December 18: "Police received confidential information that controlled drugs were being stored at the property and attended at the locus, where they forced entry and entered the bedroom.

"Kimberley Drummond was observed on the bed. It was clear to police that there was another person beneath the duvet; that person was ordered to make himself seen, but he ignored the instruction, and police formed the view that that person was attmepting to conceal something underneath the mattress.

"The duvet was removed, revealing the accused."

Pellow and Ms Drummond were searched, and though nothing was found on Pellow, a search of the property soon revealed a polythene bag containing brown powder weighing 17.66 grams, held inside another polythene bag.

"That was later analysed and found to be the class A drug diamorphine," Mr Doherty continued.

"A set of digital scales recovered within the living room of the flat was swabbed, and the swab was found to contain traces of diamorphine.

"Officers from the STOP [Statement of Opinion] unit later gave the opinion that that quantity, if divided into 'tenner bags' could have a maximum value of £880.

"Those officers were of the opinion that the quantity was far in excess of that for personal use."

Pellow's solicitor, Susan Gibson, said: "There is no escaping his record. He is fully aware that he faces a lengthy custodial sentence."

Pellow was previously convicted of being in possession of heroin, with intent to supply, in January 2016.

Sheriff William Gallacher labelled Pellow "a persistent drug trafficker", but decided to seek further information from the Crown about when the unexpired sentence is due to run out before deciding how long to send him to prison.

The sheriff added: "I'm not contemplating anything other than custody. It will be a lengthy sentence but I need to consider how long I place you under supervision when you're eventually released."

Sentence was deferred until January 23; Pellow, who was listed in court papers as an inmate at Barlinnie prison, was remanded in custody until then.