Vale of Leven Hospital needs more than a million pounds spent on “desperately needed” repairs and maintenance.

That’s the view of Jackie Baillie MSP who says it is unacceptable to expect patients to receive treatment in environments “which are not up to scratch.”

The MSP hit out after her Freedom of Information request showed the current value of outstanding repairs and maintenance at the hospital totals £1.25m.

In the same response, the health board also revealed that £36.4m is needed for repairs and maintenance at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and £22.6m at Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

Ms Baillie said: “While the health board state that none of the outstanding repairs and maintenance is categorised as high risk, some of the necessary repairs include upgrading emergency lighting, which is described as ‘in a poor condition’, replacing distribution boards which are described as ‘passed useful life’ and distribution pipework which ‘requires upgrade’.

“Additionally, the health board advise that some fittings, including sockets, have signs of water damage.”

Ms Baillie continued: “Health boards are already struggling to meet the everyday costs of running our national health service.

“Staff shortages are pushing our NHS into crisis and treatment is being carried out in hospitals which require millions of pounds worth of repairs.

“It is clear that health boards are struggling to meet these costs with the funding they are currently given.”

Now the MSP is calling on the Scottish Government to take action.

She wants them to prioritise additional capital funding for health boards to ensure that repairs which are desperately needed are able to be done.

Ms Baillie added: “It is simply unacceptable to expect patients to receive treatment in environments which are not up to scratch.”

However, the health board has told the Reporter it spends a significant sum from its capital budget on maintaining and improving all of its hospitals every year, including the Vale of Leven.

A spokesperson for the Board said: “In the last two financial years we invested £1.7 million in the Vale of Leven.

“This investment included the refurbishment of fire safety equipment, lighting and new lifts.

“Approximately £800,000 is earmarked for this financial year.

“It will be used to carry out further work on lighting, fire prevention, external decoration, road repairs, new lifts and replacement windows.”

The spokesperson said it was important to note there was a difference between “maintenance”, which is the cost of maintaining the functional operation of the hospital, as opposed to “backlog maintenance”, which is the cost that would be incurred to bring the whole hospital up to the state-of-the-art standard of a brand new building.

They added: “As a property ages it requires more investment to achieve this optimal standard.

“The ‘maintenance’ costs are being met to maintain the day to day operation of the hospital and the ‘backlog maintenance’ phased work we are carrying out is ongoing.”

The Scottish Government also told the Reporter steps were being taken to improve hospital buildings in the area.

A spokesman said: “In 2018-19, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is being supported with additional investment of £31.8 million, with the board’s frontline budget exceeding £2.15 billion, plus with capital allocations of £37.4 million for maintaining the NHS estate and replacing and upgrading equipment.

“Our forthcoming capital investment strategy will be brought to parliament before the end of the financial year.

“It will set out the further steps we will take to support all boards to continue to improve and maintain their buildings.”