A chef from Dumbarton is working round the clock to make a better life for himself and his young family.

Sam Miller, 29, who is married to Sarah, 29, and has two sons Harry, 6, and Alfie, 3, does a ten to 12 hour shift at a restaurant in Dumbarton during the day, and then goes home to make cheesecakes into the early hours of the morning.

He gets up at the crack of dawn to deliver the freshly made cheesecakes to his customers.

Sam, who has been a chef for 12 years, has worked in some up-market restaurants in Suffolk and London in the past, where he made cheesecakes which sold for £6 to £10 a slice.

He set up Chefs Cheesecakes two months ago, said: “My cheesecakes were always very popular in restaurants so I thought I need to get a slice of that for myself.

“I wasn’t sure that I’d do well in Dumbarton, but I risked it and thankfully I’m getting such a good response from people.

“They’re not just buying one, they get two and then they’re asking for them again.

“A lot of families buy them for special occasions.”

Sam’s brothers Mark, 35, and Josh, 21, have been helping to establish the business, and he wants to support the local economy so he buys his cream from Muirhead Farm in Alexandria.

He’s made a Cadbury’s crème egg cheesecake for a customer request, and his millionaire’s cheesecakes which have a gold dust on top are very popular.

Sam believes his cakes have been so popular because he infuses all the flavours, which is more expensive and takes longer, but he thinks it’s worth the effort.

Sam said: “Recently I had 12 cheesecakes going out and one of them hadn’t set right so I threw it out. It has to be100 per cent.”

See Chefs Cheesecakes Dumbarton on Facebook or @ChefsCheesecakes (Twitter).

Sam would like to get a unit in Dumbarton in the future and create jobs for local people.

His brother Mark (MJ) said on Twitter: “My wee brother works so hard making these damn fine cheesecakes because he wants a better life for his young family - I’m almost crying I’m that proud of him.”

You can find Chefs Cheesecakes Dumbarton on Facebook and @ChefsCheesecakes on Twitter.