Dog owners in Dumbarton and the Vale are being urged to make their pooch's health and wellbeing a priority in the coming year.

Behaviour and training experts at the Company of Animals have put together a few game ideas to keep your dog entertained and active.

They say if your dog is a master of the 'stay!' command, ‘hide and seek’ is the perfect winter game. Tell your dog to stay in one room and go and hide somewhere else in the house.

Once you’re hidden, shout “come” and see if your dog can find you. This stimulates their mind while also giving them exercise, as they can be going up and down the stairs and exploring the whole house to find you.

‘Stop and Go, Fast and Slow’ is also a fun way to get both you and your pup active.

Vary commands and actions during your walk and see if your dog can keep up. At random points during your walk, tell your dog to sit, stop walking or speed up If they follow what you say and do, reward them.

Finally, if there’s a white winter, why not swap the usual tennis ball for snow balls?

Make a pile of snowballs, but be sure there’s no stones in them, and throw them as far as you can for your dog to chase. It’s a great way to release all your pup’s pent-up energy, as well as being lots of fun.