Aitkenbar Primary performed in a ‘Scottish Presentation’ last week to showcase what they have been learning in class over the past month.

The concert was extremely well attended and the children were magnificent as they celebrated Scottish culture by performing songs, dances and poems for the audience.

Christine Hutchison, head Teacher at the school, told the Reporter: “Our celebration of Scottish culture is always popular and this year was no exception.

“Throughout January, each class studies a different aspect of Scotland and as part of this they learn a poem of song which is then performed at our concert.

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“The children also have the opportunity to showcase their individual talents like Highland Dancing or playing the bagpipes.

“We don’t charge for entry, but parents were so impressed they left donations of £142, which will be gifted to a charity chosen by the children.”

The programme for the event included the following performances: Primary 1: Song - Ye canny shove yer Granny aff a bus; Primary 1, 2 and 3: Song - – Donald where’s yer troosers?; Primary 2: Song – Three Craws. Primary 3: Poem – Skippin’ Sang. Primary 2 and 3: - A dance by Eilidh Raeside and Chloe McGill; Primary 4: Poem – A dug, a dug, song – My bonnie lies over the ocean; Primary 5: Poem – Listen tae the teacher, Presentation on the Scottish landscape; Primary 5 and 6 - A violin performance by Amy Wilson and Gregor Wallace, Loch Lomond; Primary 6: Poem - From a Railway Carriage, poem – A magic pizza (Hayden Thomas & Brandon Chalmers), bagpipes – Ruaridh Campbell; Primary 7: Poem – Open the Doors, song - A man’s a man for a’ that, Leah Bell – Willie Wastle’s Wife, Hannah Martin – Wild Mountain Thyme, Choir Wild Mountainside and Charlie is my darlin’.