THE dad of a child abused by a teenager has blasted the legal system for failing his family 'on every count'.

His family was left devastated after 18-year-old Christopher Daniel was handed an 'absolute discharge' at Dumbarton Sheriff Court - despite being found guilty of numerous sexual assaults on the youngster over a two-year period.

Speaking to STV News, the dad said: "The justice system has failed on every count. The law and the sheriff have a duty to protect the public. I think it's an outrageous decision."

Despite assaulting the girl from the age of six, dentistry student Daniel wasn't placed on the sex offenders register.

Sheriff Gerard Sinclair's decision to give him an absolute discharge means he won't even have a criminal record, which has sparked both public and political outrage.

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The victim's dad continued: "I think in years to come we'd like to say to our daughter 'we did everything in our power to get him [Daniel] on to the sex offenders register'.

"As a parent you've got a job to try and protect your children.

"If I told other parents that this person has been accused of this, do you think they would let their children be around him? Absolutely not.

"Yet the verdict from the sheriff is that he's eligible to go and work with children after being found guilty of sexual assault on a minor. I find it distressing."

The family are also set to meet Crown Office prosecutors this week, and hope to persuade them to resurrect their abandoned appeal.

The dad added: "We notified the police, we went to court, we got a guilty verdict. We will keep fighting to take it as far as we can do but ultimately it's not in our hands."