Today's trip down memory lane takes us back 15 years to Renton Primary's Burns Day celebrations.

Recognise any familiar faces?

Here's how the Reporter told the story back on Wednesday, February 11, 2004...

RENTON Primary was a colourful place to be when the children donned their tartan for a traditional celebration for Burns Day. The whole school gathered to sing Scottish songs and recite poems at a special assembly.

The winners of the art competition, to draw a picture inspired by a traditional Scottish song or poem were displayed, and winners of the poem recital got to perform their piece. My Fair singer’, ‘Tam O’Shanter’ and the crocodile poem were all featured.

Headteacher Dorothy Docherty said the childern get a lot out of learing about Burns and Scottish history as well as having the experience of reading their poems out to their fellow schoolmates.

She said: “They get an appreciation of their cultural heritage and Scottish Literature, and it’s done in an enjoyable way. It helps to promote self-esteem which is very valuable. The assembly is always enjoyed by parents staff and pupils.”

The children also learned about a different culture in the same week when they celebrated Chinese New Year. The highlight of this was P3 and P4 learning how to use chopsticks - by eating Pot Noodles!