COUNCIL officers want to purchase a £90,000 field in order to expand the Vale of Leven cemetery.

West Dunbartonshire Council decided that a field between Overton Road and the A82, which is immediately to the east of the existing cemetery, was most suitable in terms of location, size, geology and cost.

It is estimated to provide at least 20 years’ worth of new burial lairs – a duty West Dunbartonshire Council has to provide throughout the town.

A report to the housing environment and economic development committee back in 2014, highlighted that the Vale of Leven cemetery was nearing capacity, with approximately two years worth of available burial lairs.

The field that the council is planning on purchasing is owned by Mr and Mrs Muirhead of Overton Farm, Alexandria, and is currently used as open grazing for horses.

A proposal was made to acquire the field for £90,000 and this has been accepted in principle by the owners.

Ground investigation work has been undertaken and the council are satisfied that the field is suitable for the proposed use – and nothing should prevent the council from being able to acquire the land and utilise it for the intended use.

It has been said that no additional staff will require to be employed as the extended cemetery will be maintained and managed by existing staff.

And there has already been consultation with SEPA who have confirmed that there does not appear to be any significant impediment to the proposed use of the land for cemetery purposes.

Councillors will be asked to approve the decision at an infrastructure, regeneration and economic development committee meeting on Wednesday, February 13.